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Volunteering while Social Security Disability claim is pending

I met with a charming 63 year old potential Social Security Disability client this morning. She worked in P/T for 42 years. 42 years! She now suffers from debilitating severe depression. She shyly asked me if it was ok that she volunteers at her church for four hours per week. Some Social Security Disability lawyers will disagree on this. I fully support getting out of the house and volunteering and/or working some part time hours while your disability claim is pending or even after you have been awarded Disability benefits. I feel that it is good for your own mental health and that it shows the judge that you want more than anything to be out in the work force. You just are not able to work full time or at the level of Significant Gainful Activity “SGA.” With that said, I would still exercise caution and consult with me or another attorney to consider these very important issues. Have a great Thursday! Alden

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